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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Plan Your Timesheet

Timesheet template will help you to plan your weekly work

Falinwa Limited

Story behind the features

Odoo behavior : you have each week to select back your project and your tasks, even if you are working on the same one for several weeks.

Falinwa behavior : each employee has a template which can be configured at the beginning then which is dynamically modified based on the previous week

Falinwa recommendation : we recommend to create 2 templates for each employee. A default template which will be the dynamic template with update of the structure after each timesheet validation and a generic template which is the initial template to come back on the initial structure. For instance, the default template after 1 week of holidays will have only Holiday line and so the generic template will give back the classic lines of the employee.

How to use this module

Steps : Create Timesheet Template
  1. Go to Timesheet > Settings > Timesheet Template
  2. Create a Template
    Notes :
    • Name : name of the timesheet
    • Employee : name employee
    • Type :
      • Day by Day : details task for daily timesheet
      • Whole Week : same task for whole week
    • Start Date and End Date : when the timesheet is active.
      (keep empty if template is always the same)
    • Is Automatic Update ? : check mark if new activity will be put to this template
  3. Put the Project / Task on the timesheet line template
  4. Save
Steps : Create Timesheet Template From Weekly Activity
  1. on the Timesheet Activity Form View, click on button Take Timesheet as Template"
  2. Go to Setting / Timesheet Template
  3. Your template will be created