Sales Order Approval Process

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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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Sales Order Approval

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Falinwa Limited

Story behind the features

Odoo behavior : Odoo proposes a simple sales order process Quotation>Quotation sent>Sales order, which is too simple for a company with signature delegation.

Falinwa behavior : you have an extra status "Wait Approval" before the validation of a sales order. Then, the sales can move forward and confirm his/her sales order and from a pre-defined amount, his/her manager will have to Approve all the quotation in status "Wait approval".

Module + : give the possibility to define the level of independance of salespeople in your sales team.

Falinwa recommendation :

  • Installation: for advanced sales team organization with double signature process.
  • Recommendation / Best practice: is combined also with the module credit limit which limit the right of sales order based on rules defined by customer.

How to use this module

User: Sales (with User: All Documents access on Sales)

Step 1 : Go to Sales > Orders > Quotations. Create quotations and add a product. Then Confirm Sale
Step 2 : After clicking Confirm Sale, it displays confirmation to propose quotation, click Propose to propose this quotation to manager
Step 3 : The Quotation status is Wait Approval

User: Manager (With Manager access on Sales)

Step 4 : Go to Sales > Orders > Quotations. Manager will see the quotation with status Waiting Approval
Step 5 : Then click Confirm Sale
Step 6 : And now the status is Sale Order

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