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Version: V12
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Purchase Recurring

Purchase Recurring

Falinwa Limited

Story behind the features

Odoo behavior : Odoo does not propose any solution for purchase subscription.

Falinwa behavior : Falinwa standard extends the notion of subscription to purchase. You can record your purchase subscription in order to get automatically the monthly invoices and/o to follow-up the contract renewal.

Module + : thanks to automatic reminder, you do no more miss an automatic renewal of a contract without notice (and without negotiation).

Business case : by using the purchase subscription, all the vendor bills are created from a source document and not from scratch which ensures a proper commitment of the related expense.

Falinwa recommendation :

  • Installation : 100% of the database.
  • Recommendation / Best practice: to be used for all the recurring contract with supplier, whatever if the frequency is once a month or once a year.

The Features

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