product category structure

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    Product Category Structure

    Display Product Category in hierarchy view

    Falinwa Limited

    Story behind the features

    Odoo behavior : the product category is a powerful concept but does not make difference between regular and view, does not give the possibility to control all the product parameters from the category.

    Falinwa standard : the product category concept is improved in 2 directions:

    • Robustness : we add the View-Regular Odoo rules on the product category object;
    • View-Regular rules : when you have a structure, ie when you can give a parent to an object, the parent has to be view. It's not possible to select a regular. And when you want to link this object to another object in Odoo (like select a product category on the product), only the regular is selectable and not the view. This rule exist sometimes and not always in Odoo. In Falinw, we consider this best practice a must be to have a robust configuration and we systematically define this rule when there is a parent notion.

    Product category configuration : all the field which could be configured on the category, on on the parent category, are given on the category in order to easily control the master data configuration of the products.

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