Account Periods Lock

Account Periods Lock

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Account Period Locks

A missing feature on odoo accounting

Since Odoo V9, the period on Odoo accounting is disappear. For an Accountant, period is very important in order to make a reliable and audited financial report. 


Monthly / Quarterly Period Creation

a fiscal year can set to monthly or quarterly period

Non-Advisor Lock Date

prevent user to create transaction on closed period


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Period Closing 

Close all transaction in a period

Advisor Lock Date

Final Period cut of date

Find out how it works on our demo server

User : admin, Password : admin 


How To Do

On period lock menu, create the period lock, select start date and end date, then choose if you want to create per Month period then click Create Monthly Periods or you want to create per 3 month period then click Create 3 Months Periods, after that the periods lock lines are created automatically
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On Periods menu, the list of periods is created automatically
To see how it works, on Customer Invoices, create a customer invoice with the date after adviser locking date then click validate, and we will see a warning “You cannot add/modify entries prior to and inclusive of the lock date” because we create the invoices after the locking date.
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