Training must be SMART:

            • SPECIFIC: targeted to the right people in order to attain a precise objective;

            • MEASURABLE: quantifiable results for the client in terms of return on investment, clear result with a working product at the end of the training;

            • ACHIEVABLE: an experienced trainer to accompany the trainees in order that they achieve their objectives;

            • REALISTIC: a modular programme to avoid overload and rushing;

            • TIMED: one day per module

            Learn and Go

            Do you read the user manual of your smartphone? Of course not. We believe that our “Learn and Go” training you will be able to get your own Odoo Community ERP up and running without spending months trying to find the right software for your needs, trying to find help, trying to find documentation and without buying expensive licenses. Odoo Community is Open Source and the only cost will be the training. The training itself will save you time and money.

            At the end of each training session, you will have the related module installed on your personal Odoo Community database, configured according to your needs and you will know how to use it.

            Support after the training

            Our training includes a support package. For three months after your training session, we will:

            • Host your ERP on one of our servers for you to use and work with;
            • Clone your ERP to the server of your choice;
            • Provide hot-line support via mail to answer your questions

            Download training catalogue (in French)   


            Learn what you need and only what you need.

            You don’t manufacture anything? No problem, there is no need to do the MRP training. Selling services? No problem, there is no need to do the stock training.

            Odoo community is modular, so is our training.

             As a starting point, for clients with no prior experience of Odoo, we strongly recommend our day of introductory training including:

            • Installing your apps
            • Odoo navigation and ergonomy
            • Creating users and managing access rights
            • The internal mail and messaging system
            • Calendar and contacts
            • Importing and exporting data