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ON Limited

Hong Kong company with a subsidiary in China. ON Limited specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial molds as well as in the production of plastic parts and metal parts.

Odoo Project

ON Limited is a Hong Kong company with a subsidiary in China, called ON China. They want to manage their each document like sales, purchase, accounting, and other kind of document on each different company. They want to have a different code number of document based on each company that they worked in. In each company they have a different based currency. ON Limited used HKD and ON China used CNY.

Solution: We make a configuration on this project to have a multi-company and multi-currency configuration. Multi-Company configuration is to make a different environment based on which company that they want to worked on. So they can choose which company that they want to work, and after that they can just look on document that belong to that company. So actually they work in one system but a different environment. They want a multi-currency configuration too because they managed a different currency, so on each company we must define a different currency rate too. For multi-company configuration to make user easily know which company that they are working in, we must make it very obvious so user will not make a mistake. So we decide to developed a module that able the system to ask the user which company that they are want to work when the user login to the system, after that we make a menu color and logo to have a different on each company. After we have that, we let the user know obviously which company that they worked in, and it let the users work well in Odoo.

Company Environment Option

The system will ask the users where they want to work on when they login to the system.

ON Limited Display

The system will display a logo of ON Limited, menu that has orange color and just display the document that belong to ON Limited.

ON China Display

The system will display a logo of ON China, different color of menu and just display the document that belong to ON China.


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EUROCAVE ERARD CHINA LIMITED (EEC) is a subsidiary of EUROCAVE ERARD ASIA LIMITED (EEA). EEC is a factory cost center, produced various products like mini wine cabinet, TV stand, bracket and other accessories. EEA is a trading company in Hong Kong. FALINWA worked with EEA/EEC for more than 3 years and fixed thousands of questions for them, we started from tax declaration/ bookkeeping since they founded, to manage their whole finance department up to now. 

The services we provide include: 

  1. Outsourced CFO: Yearly Budget, since the budget was set up, they can easily track the out of budget cost and expense, to help them to make cost control efficiently; Issue Monthly Report to manager, the report contains BSPL, Cash Flow, Monthly Order amount, Monthly Turnover amount, Staff number & fees and some main KPIs, the aim of this report is to show the different situation in different department during a year, to provide a good reference for manager to make strategic decision; Internal audit and consolidation, each year before the official audit, we will make internal audit first, to make sure all the accounts are properly recorded, to help them save a lot of audit time.
  2. Odoo support: we give suggestion for internal control process in Odoo when they needed, and we developed a lot of new modules according to their request, ie, Quality Control, Mission Expense control, Product Margin, Payroll Management..., they are using Odoo quite smoothly now.
  3. HR support: we make a quite effective recruitment service for their office employees. 

EEA/EEC is a good partner, they are very satisfied with FALINWA’s service, and we will keep cooperating in a very long time.

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