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ERP that makes your company a better place.

A solid track record, a global footprint

OpenERP S.A. is the software vendor of the Odoo product (formerly OpenERP). OpenERP S.A. is a company founded in 2002 by Fabien Pinckaers, its current CEO. It has now 250 employees6 offices (Belgium, US San Francisco, US New York, Luxembourg, India,  Hong Kong) and activities in 110 countries with a vast partner network of more than 500 official partners.

Odoo is the fastest evolving business software in the world. Odoo has now a complete suite of business applications covering all business needs, from Website/Ecommerce down to manufacturing, inventory and accounting, all seamlessly integrated. It is the first time ever a software editor managed to reach such a functional coverage.

Fits small to big companies alike

Odoo is the most installed business software in the world. Odoo is used by 2.000.000 users worldwide ranging from very small companies (1 user) to very large ones (300 000 users). Amongst the biggest references you can find:
Odoo is the only software in the world having such a large scope of customers because:
  • Odoo offers a full suite of business apps that fits the needs of large companies, but it's built to empower smaller companies to adopt it quickly and easilythrough a simple, friendly user experience.
  • Odoo is flexible and fully integrated in order to cover the needs of very complex companies.
  • Odoo is open source - it is actively maintained by a large base of developers to meet evolving customer needs and provide new, innovative applications to help companies worldwide grow their business

2,000,000 users

Enjoying using Odoo to run their business

1500 developers

In the Odoo community



To cover all your business needs


Offering services to customers


Covered by our official partners


Working at Odoo on 3 continents

We think business software shouldn't be complex. We believe in software that is full featured, tightly integrated, runs smoothly, and upgrades seamlessly.

Our mission is to provide a range of easy to use business applications that form a complete suite, giving millions of companies easy access to the software they need to run and grow their business.

Odoo (formerly OpenERP) was started in 2005. Odoo thrives in a unique and fully open ecosystem combining the resources of its open source community, partners’ network and resellers.

Odoo provides 30 main applications supported by the editor. In addition, the community of more than 1,500 active members, has contributed 4,000+ apps to cover a wide variety of business needs.

The network of 550+ certified partners in more than 120 countries means that although Odoo is a global company, it provides local solutions. The popular software is available online and can be hosted on a server you own or rent.


Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenues.

Sales Team

Manage your sales funnel with no effort. Attract leads, follow-up on phone calls and meetings. Analyse the quality of your leads to make informed decisions and save time by integrating emails from all your contacts directly into the application.

Kanban View

Track your opportunities pipeline with the revolutionary kanban view in a few simple steps. Work inside your sales funnel and get instant visual information about next actions, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues.


Organize your opportunities so you can stay focused on the best deals. Manage all customer interactions from the opportunity like emails, phone calls, internal notes, meetings and quotations.


Boost your sales eficiency.


Create polished, professional proposals in minutes and let customers sign online.

Communicate Efficiently

Everything you need to know can be found in one place. Send offers with clear pricing to your customers and let them accept it, reject it or ask for more information.

Electronic Signature

Odoo's professional app lets your customers sign proposals online. Use up-selling techniques to propose them some options.


Get the best from your supply chain.
Improve your inventory performance.

Request for Quotation

Automate procurement propositions, launch requests for quotations, track purchase orders, manage suppliers' information, control product receivals and check suppliers' invoices - you can do all that and much more with our purchase management system.

Purchase Tenders

Create purchase tenders, gather and organise quotes from suppliers and compare proposals. Choose the best offer and send purchase orders easily. Use reporting to analyze the quality of your suppliers afterwards.

Email Integration

Integrate all communication from suppliers into the purchase orders (or RfQs) for strong traceability on the negotiation or after-sales service issues. Use the claim management module to track issues related to suppliers.


Integrate book keeping with all your
operations to keep accurate informations.


Odoo's billing software allows you to create and send professional looking invoices and get paid online. The system directly integrates with other Odoo apps to bill automatically based on your activities.

Integration With Other Apps

You can bill automatically based on sales orders, delivery orders, contracts or on time and material. Define recurrencies to produce recurring invoice automatically.

Dashboard & KPIs

Get direct access to key information with dynamic and customizable dashboards. Analyse your financial activities with the drill-up, drill-down, drill-across and filter features.

Warehouse Management

A revolutionary double-entry inventory
management system.

Manage Warehouse

Decrease your process times, automate transactions, reduce your stock levels and get complete traceability on all operations with the Odoo double entry inventory system.

Automatic Transactions

Schedule your picking, packing, receptions and internal moves automatically with Odoo using your own routing rules. Define push and pull rules to organize a warehouse or to manage product moves between several warehouses.

Reporting and Dashboards

Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions. Design custom dashboards to find out your warehouse efficiency at a glance. Dig deeper with real-time reports that anyone can create and share.


Manage, plan, track and schedule all
your manufacturing operations.

Efficient Scheduling of Manufacturing Orders

Automatically schedule manufacturing orders and work orders based on your procurement rules, quantities forecast and dependent demand.

Flexibility In All Operations

Manually edit all operations at any stage of the process. With Odoo, you won't be frustrated by a rigid system. You can design specific templates for each operation and use the set of tools to find solutions for any issue.

Define Flexible Master Data

Have the flexibility to create multi-level bills of materials, optional routing, version changes and phantom bills of materials. You can use BoM for kits or for manufacturing orders.

Project Management

Enable your project right way
Step by step get work done.

Kanban View

Organize projects around your own processes. Work on tasks and issues using the kanban view

Gant View

Schedule tasks in the gantt chart, this open source software provides you with a variety of tools that can be easily adapted to your own project management system

Calendar View

Control deadlines in the calendar view,  so all your teams can optimize their work in a simple and a professional way.

Human Resource Management

Oversee your employees directory
Retain significant informations about your team.


Post job offers and keep track of each application received. Follow applicants in your recruitment process with the smart kanban view.

Tracking System for Employee Expenses

Get rid of the paper work and follow employees' expenses in an online form directly in Odoo. Don't loose time or money by controlling the full flow: expense validation, reimbursement of employees, posting in the accounting and re-invoicing to customers.

Payroll Management

Centralize all contracts and wages. Keepaccurate accounting for all internal transactions. No more salary mistake.

CMS / Website Builder

Get an awesome enterprise website.
Fully customizable and SEO friendly.

Edit Anything Inline

Create beautiful websites with no technical knowledge. Odoo's unique 'edit inline' approach makes creating a website surprisingly easy. No more complex backend; just click and change any content anywhere you need.

Change the price of a product. Put a title in bold. Come up with a blog subtitle. Do all of these on the go by just clicking and changing.

It's that simple.

Awesome. Astonishingly Beautiful.

Odoo's building blocks allow you to design modern websites from scratch. It's extremely simple compared to the way other website builders work.

Whether it's for products descriptions, blogs or static pages, you don't need to be a professional designer to create clean content when using Odoo.

Just drag, drop and customize default building blocks.

Mobile Friendly

Get a mobile friendly website thanks to our responsive design. All your pages adapt automatically to the screen size on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

You don't have to worry about if your website works when it's not being accessed from a desktop computer. With Odoo, your website and all the changes you make to it are instantly mobile friendly


Boost your online sales with sleek
product pages.

Increase Your Revenue Per Order

The built-in cross-selling feature helps you offer extra products related to what the shopper puts in their cart.

Odoo's upselling tool shows visitors similar but more expensive products from your database, with incentives.

The inline editing feature allows you to easily change a price, launch a promotion or fine tune the description of a product.

Built-in Invoicing & Accounting

Produce customer invoices in just a few clicks. Control sales and cash in real time and use Odoo's powerful reporting to make smarter decisions and improve your online store's efficiency.

No more hassle with integrating a variety of software: get all your sales and inventory operations automatically posted in your G/L.

Fine Tune Your Catalog

Get full control of how you display your products in the catalog page: promotional ribbons, related size of products, discounts, variants, grid/list view, etc.

Edit any product inline so that your website evolves with your customers' needs.