Why Odoo?

ERP market is dominated by a big player such as SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle. These vendor are proved to be useable and practical for many industry, but actually there's a new emerging demand in the market, that is the market for SME. For SME they cannot afford to invest for SAP or other big player system because its very expensive and sometimes the system is too complicated to use in SME. To fulfill their needs for ERP System, usually SME go to the software vendor and order a tailor made ERP System from scratch to their vendor. This methodology is cheaper and suitable for SME because the system design by their needs. But actually its not a good choice, its cheaper in the short therm but if you want to expand the system, it required a lot of cost to maintained and developed. To developed the system until it stable, it required a lot of time too. Usually between 1-2 years.

SME need a ready to use ERP that easy to use, affordable , can be developed and can be customized fastly, and it can implemented quickly to their business. Odoo meet all this requirement. Right now, Odoo is the market leader of ERP in the SME market. Odoo is extremely flexible and can be fully developed and customized with a low cost and it very fast to do that. Since Odoo is made up of a collection of evolving business apps, SME definitely can find the apps that they need to manage their business.

What is the added value to work with Falinwa in Odoo Project?

SME can start their Odoo project on their own, but usually SME that started their own Odoo project has a lot of mistakes and missconfiguration that end to the system produced the trash data. When it happen it will be very difficult to fix and it will be wasted SME works and times. Falinwa team have a lot of expertise. We expertise in Finance, Information System, and Business Intelligence. We have a lot of experiences and knowledges too in Odoo system. These expertise and our experiences can help you to handle your Odoo Project in the right way. Falinwa can help you to handle your Odoo project start from:

  • understanding your business and needs
  • installation and configuration the server 
  • installation and configuration Odoo system until it ready to use based on your needs
  • developed and customized the Odoo system to fulfill your requirement
  • training to the key user
  • technical and functional support

When you worked with us, you can just focused to improved on your business and product. 

When to start to work with Falinwa in Odoo Project?

You will start the Odoo project, you still confuse to do it on your own or to use outsourced service. We suggested you to work with us from the begining you start the Odoo project. Its a perfect time because: 

  • it will save your time and faster to implemented
  • there's no experiment
  • we will start with a good configuration
  • have support from the start
  • prevented and reduced a lot of human error

As we told you the SME that start their own Odoo project usually end with trash data, then they will start to use outsourced service to help this project, but because its very difficult to fix it. The project will be very expensive and required a lot of time even there's  a case that the project cannot be fix anymore. 

Who will handle my Odoo Project in Falinwa?

Falinwa team have a lot of expertise start from finance, information system, until business intelligence. We will assign your project to our experienced consultants. In Falinwa team we have:

  • Experienced functional consultants that have handle a lot of Odoo project from the start
  • Technical consultants and Experienced developers that have developed more than 150 modules in Odoo
  • Experienced Business intelligence consultants that have helped a lot of clients to create their business intelligence reports

How my Odoo Project will be handle in Falinwa?

A. Quick Start Configuration

Quick start solution propose to customer to only focus with just 1 or 2 modules such as CRM, or Project Management. The advantages of this solution is you can get basic knowledge and the habbit first to work in Odoo before you start to use Odoo system fully in your business , you will be not lost because you will learn they Odoo system gradually, and it just required you a very low cost to start the project. This solution has a very low risk because the implementation will be done very fast, within just 1 month and for a cost less than 20K CNY.

B. Out-of-the-box Configuration

The out-of-the-box solution propose to customer a start with Odoo on the main modules by using a standard database and optimizing the existing options to match at the best the customer specifications.
It does not correspond to a classic integration with gap analysis / quotation for customization and configuration / training / test phase / production phase. 

The advantage of the out-of-the-box solution is to be quickly ready for production at a very limited cost thanks to the use of a standard database. And it will be still possible to improve the system in future with development of modules which are high added-value for the customer.

The main drawback is that the customer has to adapt to Odoo process and not the opposite. For info, sales / purchase / accounting Odoo processes usually match well the customer processes. For warehouse and production, processes are less standard and it does not always match to the customer requirements.

Moreover, such a solution requires the full implication of both parties to achieve the mission. Customer project leader should spend at least 40% of his/her time on this project during the next 3 months.